Following her announcement: an attack on Merav Michaeli

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An attack on the Minister of Transportation Merav Michaeli, following her plan against the “exclusion of women” in public transportation. Michaeli announced that in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak and Beit Shemesh, 10 undercover inspectors will operate on 20 bus lines, and will make sure that there is no segregation between men and women.

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The Mayor of Beit Shemesh, Aliza Bloch, attacked Michaeli and said: “Minister of Transportation, first make sure that the bus lines arrive and run on time, and then talk about other issues. At any given moment, thousands of my residents, secular and religious, old and young, students and pensioners, stand at stations on hot days and on rainy days, waiting for buses that don’t come.”

Member of Knesset Moshe Abutbol from Shas, said: “After Minister of Tiktok Michaeli eradicated the traffic accidents and trainings, paved roads and highways, solved the traffic jams and traffic jams in the country, and already sent inspectors to prevent Jews from being beaten on the light rail by young Arabs, she turned to the national problem of excluding women. In the elections, it is rare in Gaza from the Ministry of Transportation, which in the past dealt with the real important problems.”

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The chairman of religious Zionism, former transport minister Bezalel Smotrich, said: “A failed minister who shows complete helplessness in the face of traffic jams (sorry, traffic jams…) on the roads, public transport, ports and the airport, and only deals in cheap populism. We will replace her after the elections, with God’s help, and we will deal with the real problems that are bothering the citizens of Israel.”

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