Following the boycott of Israel: Unilever lost $ 26 billion

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On July 19, 2021, the global Unilever company demanded that Avi Singer, the owner of Ben & Jerrys Israel, not sell ice cream in Judea and Samaria. Half a second has passed since then, and the company’s stock is in an unprecedented crash: on the morning of the start of the boycott, the stock traded at a price of 4,356. This morning (Wednesday) exactly six months later: the stock started trading at a price of 3,450. This is a crash of 20.7% which translates into a huge loss of about 26 billion dollars.

The hard work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Jewish communities abroad, which are currently waging a wide-ranging struggle with Unilever Global, has also led to the company’s huge losses. The Jews cause many states to enforce the boycott laws against Unilever which led to the withdrawal of investments, holdings and pension funds.Among the states that enforced the boycott laws: New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Texas, Arizona and more and more.

Unilever experienced a chain of crises that began with the boycott demand, is currently experiencing another crisis following GSK’s pharma company refusal to be acquired by Unilever. This crisis plus the boycott crisis indicates a failure in the way of society and a lack of corporate governance.

Avi Singer Photo: Matan Portnoy

Avi Singer, the owner of Ben & Jerry’s Israel, said following the share dive, that this is a huge blow to the stubborn struggle he is waging these days, against Unilever’s unfounded demand not to sell ice cream in all parts of Israel. “I want to thank the citizens of Israel who continue to support the Israeli plant that employs 169 workers in the periphery,” Singer said.

He further criticized the government, “but while the State of Israel, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, requires countries around the world to enforce the boycott law, it itself should have imposed immediate sanctions against Unilever, which operates without interruption in Israel and receives unprecedented regulatory benefits. “One Unilever will compete with Israel and on the other hand,” the IDF will continue to purchase products worth millions of shekels a year from the company. “

(Foreign Minister refers to the decision to boycott Israel, archive)

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