Following the role of Golda Meir: Helen Mirren under attack on the net

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After a picture of Helen Mirren was published last week in the person of Golda Meir, the former Israeli prime minister – the 76-year-old actress received dozens of anti-Israel abusive comments. Surfers across the internet called the Oscar-winning actress, Emmy and Tony “racist and fascist” and described her as “a well-known Zionist who values ​​Israel.”

One user tweeted: “Miran is making a film about the first woman who served as Israeli prime minister. This is a slap in the face to the Palestinian people, they are simply celebrating the occupation. A pointless film!” Another tweeted: “I love Helen Mirren, but if they do not show the hatred that Golda has spread towards the Palestinians, it is simply a pointless film.”

Helen Mirren as Golda Meir | Photo: Gaspar Wolf

“Golda” is currently being photographed in Britain, which will tell the story of the life of the person who led Israel during the Yom Kippur War. In an interview with N12, the film’s director, Guy Nativ, said that Miran “dedicates herself one million percent to the job. She was on the kibbutz in her 20s, after the Six Day War, touring the country throughout. She describes these experiences as personal designers. She She loves Israel very much and wanted to play a strong female figure, a leader who made history in Israel in the 1970s. “

At the end of October, Miran, along with a number of American actors and filmmakers, signed an open letter expressing support for participants in the Tel Aviv International Proud Film Festival, TLVfest. The long and detailed letter states that they “strongly reject any attempt to boycott the Israeli festival, which provides a platform for the stories of the world’s most passionate community, which is trying to create a more rosy future.”

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