Food Staff is installed in the South of the Lake

Food Staff is installed in the South of the Lake

The sole food authority of Zulia, Jenny Cedeño, installed the Food Staff (EMA) in the municipalities of the South of the Lake, made up of: Sucre, Jesús María Semprum, Catatumbo, Colón and Francisco Javier Pulgar, to monitor, control and monitoring of the food distribution process, including all educational centers in the country, an activity that will be coordinated with the National Institute of Nutrition (INN).

Jenny Cedeño specified that various programs are also maintained, among which the Local Committee for Productive Food (CLAP) stands out as a banner, which is distributed to the communities and to the Mission Bases in Sur del Lago; In addition, the Nutritional Vulnerability Free Venezuela Plan has been deployed to provide special attention to low-income families.

Production is encouraged in various items in the South of the Lake

He emphasized the area of ​​production, because the South of the Lake has resources in various areas (agriculture, livestock and fishing), which will be incorporated into the food that will be distributed to the people at a fair price.

“That is why we are working together with the people, listening to their proposals, which in addition to contributions also include needs; such as failures in the supply of fuel, in public services and the deterioration of roads; which are concerns in which President Nicolás Maduro has shown willingness to solve, in the midst of the adversities that Venezuela faces in the face of the economic war that does not cease in its attack.

Cedeño refers that on the recent anniversary of CLAP, President Nicolás Maduro instructed the need to encourage the production area, which has motivated the community councils, the various social organizations to present innovative, creative proposals for products and their derivatives. ; in the specific case of bananas, they make preserves, jams and flour.

Various forms of payment will be activated

Cedeño announced that there are various forms of payment for the CLAP combos and that the country card will soon be activated, an option that allows this benefit to be acquired. “From the bonds assigned by the Government, this reserve can be left to buy these foods, which are distributed regularly by the Ministry of Popular Power for Food (Minppal)”

The sole food authority of Zulia affirmed that to strengthen the strategies in the food defense of the town, the price of the combo is maintained between 22 and 23 bolivars; which is the logistics cost for the transfer of food to each home, since the products are subsidized by the national government.

National Meeting of the State Structure of the CLAPs

Cedeño highlighted that yesterday (Wednesday 29) the Food Mission held the National Meeting with the CLAP Structure, which was attended by representatives of Mercal and the territorial directors of the 24 states of the country, with the aim of advancing in the “P” of Production and continue the route for food sovereignty.

This event was led by the Minister of Food, Carlos Leal Tellería, in which the strategies related to the food defense of the Venezuelan people were addressed, supported by joint work and the actions of food policy.

At this meeting, the Mercal Special Programs Management informed that the Special Programs Inspection and Attention Brigades (Briapes) are incorporated into the PAE, in order to guarantee the mobilization of food and protein combos.

To conclude, Cedeño indicated that from the west of the country, the Ministry of Food optimizes attention to communities with the execution of various programs to achieve food sovereignty.


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