Football: a young player from Metz in detention in Germany after a fight during a tournament

Football: a young player from Metz in detention in Germany after a fight during a tournament

2023-05-30 18:44:26

The youth tournament turned into a tragedy. During the competition in Frankfurt (Germany) in which teams from 16 different countries participated, most of them European, a fight broke out after a match between a French team and a German team. “A 16-year-old player from a French football team allegedly hit a 15-year-old Berliner in the head and throat,” the German police said in their statement.

French club Metz, which plays in Ligue 2, has confirmed that a “young player” from one of its training programs “is currently heard by the German authorities and denies having deliberately harmed the physical integrity of the injured young player.

The victim of the blows “collapsed on the ground and had to be sent to intensive care, added the German police. The emergency services immediately took the young man to the nearest hospital, where he was found to have life-threatening brain injuries. The 16 year old young man was arrested, and the following day presented to a judge who ordered his pre-trial detention. »

The French club says it is “deeply shocked by this tragedy and sends its most sincere support to the young player, his family and his loved ones”. On the other hand, it does not specify either the age or the nationality of the incriminated player who plays within the FC Metz Performance Program, a structure integrated into the club and which allows “young footballers or educators from all over the world to be able to access to a high-level training structure,” according to its website. Contacted by AFP, the tournament organizers refused to give details of the case, saying they were “deeply upset by the events”.

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