Football and Covid, the closed stadiums cost 2.5 billion to the 5 major tournaments –

The measures adopted with closed-door matches in the 5 main European leagues in the last two seasons, due to the Covid pandemic, have deprived the clubs of 2.5 billion euros of revenue for the “match day”. It emerges from a study by Kpmg. Since spring 2020, competitions have been suspended for a period and those resumed have closed the exercise with empty stadiums, reducing the number of matches with audiences in the 2019/2020 season in England, Germany, Spain, Italy and France by 27%, he explains. I study. This led to “a significant drop, of about 500 million euros in accumulated revenue for the match day (ticketing, sponsors, merchandising, catering), to 1.9 billion euros,” he specifies.

The impact was stronger in the Bundesliga, the league with the highest average number of spectators per game in the world (42,000), with 157 million euros in losses for the 18 clubs, while Ligue 1, with an average spectator of 23,000 spectators per game, lost three times less (48 million). At club level, and in absolute terms, Barcelona and Real Madrid were the most penalized, with losses of 39 and 35 million euros. As a result, their revenues amounted to € 136 million and € 120 million. The 2020/2021 season took place almost completely behind closed doors in the 5 countries and Kpmg expects a cumulative loss of “more than 2 billion euros” for this financial year.

The auditing firm believes that the season that has just started will offer only a partial recovery of those losses. Regulatory frameworks are very different and will likely change by country, with England allowing full capacity stadiums while Spain only allowing 40% attendance and Italian Serie A 50%. Other measures, such as a ban on the sale of food and drink in Spain, could also have an impact on club revenues, as heavier protocols for stadium entry and necessary services will represent additional costs.


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