Football, Cosenza fished out in B.

Chievo’s appeal rejected by the Guarantee College. Cosenza is fished out in B. This is the decision on the next championship that came from Coni. Chievo – whose first appeal had already been rejected by the Federal Council of the FIGC on 15 July – had been excluded following the report by Covisoc that it had given a negative opinion on the registration of the Venetian company. A rejection linked to the payment in installments of some of the club’s debts with the tax authorities. The club had announced its appeal to the Coni guarantee board, which was rejected. While Cosenza – fourth from bottom in the last Serie B championship and which had “deposited all the necessary documentation for readmission to the 2021/2022 championship” – is rescued. On the morning of Tuesday 27 July, the FIGC federal council will ratify the exclusion and will proceed to define the workforce.


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