Football gives us back our time: we start again from 2020

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AGI – Welcome to 2020. Life picks up where it left off and from a football field. Are they telling you it’s 2021? Just shrug, the truth must never interfere when emotion is involved. Everything starts again, at least on an intuitive level, in the eternal cycle of the seasons and of life. It had been interrupted by a deadly round microscopic creature, but now the only round thing that matters is something else, and it’s made of leather.

In the general enthusiasm, the rational detail is being forgotten, namely that these are actually the Europeans of 2020 and we are in 2021. But change it, a name so perfectly rounded, easily divisible in two that it seems made on purpose to remain in the memories .

The blue striker Citadin Martins Eder celebrates his goal with his teammates (AFP)

When once, at the first identity crisis of this century, the European Union felt the desire for a revival like in marriages that are going to run out, what did it not do? He took out the 2020 Agenda, indicating a date, a way, a way of being. And if Europe did so, to indicate in that number the figure of the fulfillment of the times, it is not clear why the Europeans should be denying him the redemptive mission.

Especially since Tokyo, which has the exact same dilemma for its Olympics, didn’t think for a moment and said “never an odd number”. And he closed the matter.

In short, we are in 2021, but we still want 2020: to redeem it, to make it ours, to show that the cursed virus has not bent us and we boldly act as if it had not been.

And if someone were to tell us that there is a risk of the interruption of the space-time flow as in Back to the Future 3, we reply that even the Tree of Life, a masterpiece awarded at Cannes, was screened for a whole week in a cinema in Bologna, reversing the order of the factors. First the second half and then the first. And nobody noticed. Hora fugit, that’s true, but sometimes it does it in a very funny way.

The cycles of the stars

However you know, dear gentlemen of spatialized and computable time, how many times has time been superimposed on itself, suspended, liquefied as in a Salvador Dalì painting? Countless, incalculable, and we have always come out better, or at least radically changed.

Meanwhile, we all do it, or almost, at least once a day, because no one ever knows if midnight on Friday is really the one between Thursday and Friday, or the one that preludes a second – but not even – Saturday.

And let us remember the grueling, stucco disputes at the end of the Millennium about whether the dawn of the new era would have taken place on January 1st of 2000, or in 2001. A moment divides two days, a whole year between two worlds: a space odyssey.

The Romans never came to the head of the matter: they had a calendar made by an astronomer king, a kind of Sabine shaman called Numa. They undid it because Julius Caesar did not go, it made water with its ten months calculated at the carlona on the Moon but also on the Sun. Think what a confusion. Il Divo had to add 60 days, two months and it is not known how many hours to put things back on track.

The harvest had slipped down by mid-November. Stop the world, hang up the scythes on the wall and let the herds return to the stables: we are ahead of Time itself. We must wait.

It is not for this reason, but even the consuls who ruled the city had one foot in one year and the other in the next: elected at the beginning of December, they took office in March, with spring and lupercalia just celebrated.

This is why in the history books, to explain the thing, improbable words like “in office in 54-53 BC” had to be invented, as if there was such a weird year and the servant of two masters. And since the idea was popular in a country that was already a lover of organized confusion, the habit of starting the year with March survived the whole Middle Ages.

Free and stubborn cities like Pisa, or like Florence, didn’t start the year with the canonical date.

No, they had to count it from 25 March of the year, the day of the Incarnation, just to teach the priest to say mass, the astronomer to look at the stars and the Pope – disliked by that race of white Ghibellines and Guelphs – to account of the days on the basis of the religious principle. So much so that at a certain point the Pope got bored and changed the rules, but then it was another beautiful period of trasando.

It took the Bolsheviks

The old Gregorio Boncompagni wanted to be more than Caesar, and he gave God what was due to him, annihilating his astronomical work. Introducing the new calendar meant skipping fifteen days, with the consequences of the case imaginable in a Europe where Tycho Brahe traveled but where literacy was what it was.

Furthermore, Eastern Orthodoxy did not want to know, and kept the old calculations in spite of it. The fracture of space and time was so perfect, and it took the Bolsheviks to put it back together.

After all, it could not be otherwise, if even Christ was born, apparently, before himself: four or six years, not even a couple of weeks. Then, by remedying Caesar’s faulty calculation, Gregory was forced to introduce a new category of unfortunate innocents: those born on February 29th. They return to birthday dignity only once in every four. For a child it is a real torture.

But the Sun stops, as if by Joshua’s imposition on Gabaon. Galileo, you will also have understood the maximum systems and movements of the celestial spheres. But you know very little about the terrestrial spheres, and if it were up to you you wouldn’t even bounce them.

football gives us time and 2020

The blue striker Citadin Martins Eder celebrates his goal with his teammates (AFP)

So no one is surprised, no one is upset if we say that we are in 2020. Because we are: time is an internalized dimension.

So Mario Draghi is in 2020 that he arrives at Palazzo Chigi. It is in 2020 that Philip of Edinburgh leaves us. It is in 2020, January 6, that Washington is attacked for the first time in American history.
Therefore Biden elected him in 2019, if math isn’t an opinion. A year ahead of schedule. And finally, even Trump has an irrefutable reason to judge the last presidential elections null and void.


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