Football: striking Spanish world champions contest their call-up to the selection

Football: striking Spanish world champions contest their call-up to the selection

2023-09-18 23:59:46

A doomsday for the new coach of the Spain team, Montse Tomé. Inducted in place of the contested Jorge Vilda, the latter’s former assistant had summoned this Monday 15 of the 23 world champions in her first list. They all signed a press release on September 15 in which they made themselves unavailable for the national team despite the suspension of Luis Rubiales, president of the Federation, and the replacement of Jorge Vilda, calling for stronger and more profound to change women’s football in their country. At the origin of the crisis, the forced kiss of the resigning president on the number 10 of the selection, Jennifer Hermoso, the evening of the World Cup final.

Their reaction to this summons was not long in coming. In a press release published this Monday evening on social networks by all the players concerned, they explain that “what is expressed in our press release makes clear and without any option for any other possible interpretation our firm desire not to be called for the reasons justified. These declarations remain in full force and effect. »

“We wish to make it known publicly that nothing different has been transmitted to any member of the federation, and we therefore expressly request that the information transmitted publicly be rigorous,” the press release continues. We will study the possible legal consequences to which the RFEF exposes us by registering ourselves on a list of which we had requested not to be part for reasons explained publicly and in more detail to the federation, and thus make the best decision for our future and our health. »

“We regret once again that our federation has placed us in a situation that we would never have wanted,” the text concludes. The Spaniards, for their return to competition after their world title in Australia, must play two Nations League matches against Sweden (September 22) and Switzerland (26). And it will therefore, undoubtedly, be with a very different squad from that of the final on August 20.

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