We open 2022 with the new Tomb Raider trilogy of games without spending a penny

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Novy Good, New Year’s or simply New Year’s celebrations are usually not characterized by gifts, but with the advent of 2022 it seems you can indulge yourself with a surprise gift – since the entire (relatively) new Tomb Raider trilogy is available right now for a limited time download: Tomb Raider, Rise Of The Tomb Raider And Shadow Of The Tomb Raider.

Do not be tempted to play first in the newest

The Tomb Raider trilogy brought back to life one of the key characters in the history of computer games, Lara Croft, the iconic tomb robber – but this time in a new and cinematic reboot. If you did not get to play in the new trilogy, the chef’s recommendation is not to start with the 3rd and most recent game, but with the best game in the series, which is actually the first. In this game you do not play the polished Lara Croft, but in her early days when she survives when she finds herself on a lonely and dangerous island when more or less everyone wants to kill her, and the forces of nature in particular.

The other two games, Rise and Shadow, in my opinion, are much less successful both in terms of plot and even in terms of the gameplay and dubbing of the sub-characters – but hey, it’s free. Who are we to complain? All games are available for free download from today until January 6 through the Epic game store. Just log in to your Epic Game Store account and the following link, select any of the games, and click Get. Once you complete the “purchase” process, the game will remain in your library forever.

The Tomb Raider trilogy actually marks Epic’s “15 Days of Free Games” activity, which also distributed Control just this week. However, it seems that she is not going to stop the distribution of games, as already on January 6th her next free game will be Gods Will Fall. There is more to wait for.

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