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Kozhikode – A young actress was sexually assaulted at a prominent mall in Kozhikode. The actress shared the information through a social media post. The actress was there for the promotion of the new film. Another actress who was with them was also assaulted. Police have started action in the incident.

From the actress’ post:

Today, when I came to Kozhikode as part of my new film, it was a chilling experience for me. Kozhikode is one of my favorite places. But while the program was over, someone in the crowd caught hold of him. I hate to say where. Are those around us so frustrated? As part of the promotion, we as a whole team went to many places. Today was an ugly experience that should not be there. Another colleague with me had the same experience. They responded to it. But it turned out to be a situation where I could not do it at all. I froze for a moment. Standing in that numbness and asking, is your illness over?

English Summary: Sexual Harassment against Actress


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