Time.news – “The diplomatic incident in Ankara has nothing to do with the lack of chairs and even less with etiquette“because” to begin with there are the crossed ambitions of the three main European institutions “, writes Emma Bonino, historical radical leader in La Stampa. And” although we work together, the rivalry between the European Council, the Commission and the Parliament is as old as the EU “as well as” just as well known is the personal competition between Charles Michel and Ursula von der Leyen, a race to excel that was less evident in other times, such as when Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Junker found in Ankara in 2015 a chair for each “.

Bonino points out: “It seems clear to me that there is a vulnerability and that certain missions should also be prepared with greater attention to detail to prevent potential pitfalls”, however “the most important aspect concerns the dossiers that the European representatives should have discussed with the counterpart, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, ‘the dictator’ “because” It is enough to reread the last pages on Turkey of the final document of the last summit of the heads of state and government to get an idea of ​​what is at stake: the containment of migrants financed by an annual ad hoc fund, which must also be renewed by the European Parliament, then there is the game of the update of the old and always imperfect customs union and finally there is a part on drilling in Cyprus “. Bonino: “Turkey makes Turkey. And in any case we are faced with an evident political rudeness, of non-recognition of Europe “but” those who come out with broken bones are the European institutions “.

Garzia: “Michel come to parliament and apologize

Michel come to parliament and apologize“This was asked by the group leader of the European socialists and democrats Iratxe Garcia Perez who in an interview with La Stampa uses harsh tones with the president of the EU Council for the” lack of “education, common sense and sensitivity towards equality” on the scene. of Ankara where Erdogan confined Ursula von der Leyen to a sofa. According to Garcia, Michel with his attitude, accepting to sit next to the Turkish leader “gave a bad signal, I am convinced that the Prime Minister should have done different things” because “among other things he was very late in reacting”.

“The images circulated for two days and only when the criticisms arrived did he respond.” So for Garcia it was not a protocol problem: “I am not convinced”, he says, and “even if there had been an error in the protocol, it could have been answered differently” because “if there are three leaders who must meet and there are two chairs, I do not sit down. I wait for them to put another “and” it is a problem of education, common sense and little sensitivity towards the issue of discrimination. It would not have happened if they had met three men. The photos of Tusk and Junker sitting with Erdogan in 2015 demonstrate this “, concludes the leader of the European Socialists and Democrats, who glosses:” The struggle for equality is not a problem for women, but for society “.


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