For Giorgetti, Italy and the EU must aim for self-sufficiency in the production of vaccines – “Beyond the emergency, the arrival of new viruses in a now global world means that Italy and Europe must have astrategic self-sufficiency“. This was stated by the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti. For Giorgetti, the pharmaceutical sector is a “sector that has been abandoned”, but “it must be recreated, aware of the strengths of Italy and with a strong collaboration between public and private”.

Giorgetti then focused on the fallout of the pandemic crisis on the industrial sector: “State aid in the form of a loan makes it possible to navigate beyond the pandemic and ensure that the free market forces, possibly the arrival of private investments, give these companies the opportunity to operate we can’t afford to choke them“added Giorgetti.

To those who fear the rule included in the dl supports highlight the risk of a too invasive presence in the public economy, the minister replies that “the risk is there, I could say no, but the risk is there but we must contextualize the situation. Right now in some situations the market can’t do it. The objective of the standard that we have included in the dl supports is to create a financial bridge for those situations of large companies, on SMEs the guarantee fund was already intervening, we have realized that there is a hole in the legislation “.

Giorgetti is convinced that “we need entrepreneurs. There is an economic and development future if there are people who believe in an entrepreneurial project and invest in it. Without entrepreneurs there is no economic future. “The minister then focused on the single network:” I find the controversies triggered by the subjects in the field.

On the broadband plan for the entire country “we are already late, at most in a few weeks, before Easter, clarity must be made”, he remarked before moving on to the Taranto chapter, explaining that the Italian government has asked ArcelorMittal for a collaborative attitude on Ilva affair, and there are “elements of reasonable confidence” in the availability of the company.

“Today I had a confrontation with Minister Franco at Palazzo Chigi. It is a very complex affair and many aspects need to be evaluated, such as the judicial one that risks establishing the de facto closure of the plant in mid-May “, Giorgetti said announcing:” We have evaluated the opportunity of Invitalia’s entry into the capital, but we also wrote a letter to Arcelormittal asking to have a collaborative attitude “, he added:” There are elements of reasonable confidence in the availability of Arcelormittal. Invitalia intends to pay the expected capital, but there is a complication that at the time of there was no signing of the contract “.



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