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They are the best apps and games of the year – and there are also two programs from Germany!

Apple has recognized more than a dozen apps for its devices – iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac computers – in various categories with the App Store Awards 2022. The company announced this on Tuesday.

Among the winners: the game “El Hijo” from the German developer HandyGames. The software company from Giebelstadt (Bavaria) developed the title for various game platforms and received the App Store Award for best game of the year on Apple TV.

“The idea for the game came about while watching old spaghetti westerns,” Jan Pytlik from HandyGames told BILD. “But it shouldn’t contain violence and appeal to a wide audience.” The result was a stealth game – a game in which opponents are not confronted in open combat – in which a six-year-old boy avoids the dangers of the Wild West got to. “He has to hide a lot,” says Pytlik.

Incidentally, the now award-winning version of the game for Apple TV synchronises saved games with the versions for iPhone or iPad, so that you can switch seamlessly from one device to the other and continue playing.

In the game “El Hijo” you have to let the little hero sneak past the dangers of the Wild West

Photo: manufacturer

Another award went to Synium Software from Mainz for the genealogical research software “MacFamily Tree 10”. Apple recognized the program as the best app of the year for the Mac.

MacFamilyTree has existed for more than 24 years, the current version 10 was released in 2022 ( 84.99 euros, currently 41.99 euros).

“The inventor of the first version wrote the program in 1998 because there was no decent genealogy software for the Mac until then,” says Benjamin Günther, head of Synium, in an interview with BILD. Synium took over the software in 2007 and has continued to develop it ever since.

The program saves the data of your own family research and can display the information in pedigree charts, reports or charts. “We also use the latest technology for various functions,” explains Günther. Old black-and-white photos can be colored in the program or hard-to-read fonts in documents can be sharpened to make them easier to decipher.

For example, MacFamilyTree 10 software can display ancestors in an interactive family tree

For example, MacFamilyTree 10 software can display ancestors in an interactive family tree

Photo: manufacturer

Other App Store Award Winners

iPhone App of the Year: BeReal ( free) from BeReal.

iPad App of the Year: GoodNotes 5 ( free, but in-app purchases possible) by Time Base Technology.

Apple Watch App of the Year: Gentler Streak Workout Tracker ( free) by Gentler Stories.

iPhone game of the year: Apex Legends Mobile ( free, but in-app purchases possible) by Electronic Arts.

iPad Game of the Year: Mounting ( 4,99 Euro) von X.D. Network

Mac Game of the Year: Inscryption ( 23.99 euros) from Devolver.

Apple Arcade Game of the Year: Wylde Flowers ( with Apple Arcade subscription) by Studio Drydock.


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