For iPhone users.. an application that blocks annoying ads while browsing the Internet

A programmer has developed a new app called “Panish” that allows iPhone users to browse the Internet using Safari without being bothered by ads.

The TechCrunch website, which specializes in technology issues, stated that the Banish application is an extension that is added to the Safari browser that helps delete “open application” ads broadcast by other sites or windows that open automatically on many sites such as Red It and Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, and Medium.

While there are plenty of Safari extensions that block annoying ads, they can’t block Open App ads in most cases.

Unfortunately, using mobile websites requires a lot of intervention, but this is the case.

This fact is likely to be a contributing factor to spending between 4 and 5 hours a day using smart device applications.

Alex Zamochin, the app’s developer, says he was frustrated with the problem of app ads appearing while surfing the Internet, and he felt that people shouldn’t use any company’s apps if they didn’t want to.

He added that he derived the idea from the application to prevent the use of cookies to broadcast annoying ads known as hashing.

To use the Banish app, the user needs to install it on his iPhone, and then activate it through the settings menu.

It takes a number of important steps for Banish to function properly.


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