For Mattarella the law 121 that reformed the police is “a cornerstone of our times” – The forty years of the police reform law and the 160 years of the unification of Italy “are closely linked recurrences. The Police is one of the faces of the state. The history of the police is part of the story of the construction of the unitary state, has followed the constitutional evolution guaranteeing loyalty in the performance of its duties as authority responsible for maintaining public order “. The President of the Republic writes Sergio Mattarella in the preface to the volume “The reform of the Public Security Administration”, by Carlo Mosca.

“The inspiring principles of the reform, which must be lived daily to make it effective – underlines the head of state – have contributed to overturning the ancient image, perhaps never totally responsive to reality, of a body of the state dedicated to purely repressive functions to impose a order welcome to the power of the moment. The modern police in the constitutional logic of the reform of ’81, is today a body of the state that citizens recognize as a friend, accessible and open, an element of cohesion “.

“A ‘democratic empathy’ – recalls Mattarella – gained in the field even in the very hard days of this annus horribilis but born in the difficult years of terrorism, nourished, in the long 40 years since the introduction of the reform, by the work and sacrifice of its members. A long commitment that has thus produced its effects “.

Law 121 of 1981 – concludes the President of the Republic – is a living and vital cornerstone of our times: it related the action of the Police in society to the values ​​of the Republican Constitution, entrusting it with a mission not dissipated in a purely security task, but explicitly projected towards the care of the democratic order of the country. A function engraved in article 24 when, in the first place among the tasks of the State Police, we find the protection ‘of the exercise of the freedoms and rights of the citizen’ indicated “.



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