For only 30% of Italian companies, 5G is a resource

Only 30% of Italian companies are fully aware of the potential of 5G, the new generation networks, while the remaining 70% have no idea what it is. 63% of European citizens also think that 5G is not safe. These are some of the data that emerged during “The value of 5G, between potential and services”, an online meeting organized this afternoon by Inwit, an Italian company active in the telecommunications infrastructure sector.

Great opportunities for businesses and citizens

“The development of 5G networks can represent the enabling driver capable of accelerating technological transformation and supporting the economic and social recovery of our country – said Giovanni Ferigo, CEO of Inwit – the benefits will not only be economic, but will concern the methods same as our living. 5G will open up great organizational opportunities for businesses and public administrations and will make it possible to transform cities into smart cities where advanced services, innovation and attention to citizens’ needs will constitute the backbones of the new urban development. In order for companies, the PA and all citizens to be aware of the potential of 5G and the advantages that the development of fifth generation networks will produce on the country system, it is necessary to focus on education, in order to spread more and more culture and digital skills. “.

Cultural and digital revolution

Knowledge, competence and training to support “a revolution that will lead us towards a hyper-connected society. It will not be – explained Michele Gamberini, Chief Technology and Information Office TIM – a big bang but a gradual evolution, which will also involve a change in skills internal enterprises “. A digital revolution “which implies a cultural revolution with new ways of working and new skills”.

5G quickly and quickly

The meeting was also attended by the mayor of Bergamo Giorgio Gori, who spoke of 5G as “a great leap”, on the one hand “in continuity with the technologies we already know”, on the other with a boost in terms of performance . “I am thinking of telemedicine, which has a very important enabler in 5G. If we had already had 5G – Gori wondered – would the effects of the pandemic have been the same? I am also thinking of public administration, of the interaction between machines. I have doubts that it is needed, but it is needed quickly and in a widespread way “. Gori also highlighted how our regulation is excessively strict in terms of “emissions, with permitted levels that are some quantities lower than the average of other countries”, with a consequent increase in antennas and a lower transmission speed.

Speed ​​is crucial

An element also taken into consideration by Marco Gay, President of Confindustria Piemonte. “A discussion on new technologies and enabling tools is urgently needed: 5G is not just data transmission, but also and above all a world of services to businesses and citizens”. On the issue of emissions, he added: “Our companies are part of a European competition and speed is fundamental”. For Marco Gay, culture, tax leverage and supply chains are the three directions on which to start working in terms of 5G implementation.

5G to relaunch the country

“The Recovery Fund? We will have a further parliamentary passage but there is a strong imprint on training and digital” assured Luca Carabetta, member of the X Commission for Productive Activities, Commerce and Tourism. “Let’s use the turbulence of this phase and let’s get around a table to revive the country. There is no innovative company without an enabling factor”. Of the same opinion Vincenza Bruno Bossio, Secretary IX Transport Commission,
Post and telecommunications. “The investment in 5G is fundamental for the future of the country” because according to Bossio it allows “to overcome the digital divide in Italy”. “We were able – he recalled – to block a series of prejudices on 5G, with motions and resolutions that went against fake news. With the Simplification Decree then we gave an important blow. But we must go further”. The challenge of the “Recovery Fund lies precisely in this: to indicate where the country must go in the coming years”. If we do not continue to invest in 5G, Bossio warned, “we regress. We must make a qualitative leap on digital” and make it a “proximity technology for the citizen”.



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