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WhatsApp is the most used social media application in the tech world today. There are many good things that can be done through WhatsApp but even more crimes can be committed. If you are the admin of a WhatsApp group you need to be extra careful and always pay attention. Otherwise you may have to go to jail for a minor mistake.

Admins of WhatsApp groups have some additional benefits as well as obligations. In this case it is the responsibility of the group admin to prevent and control any illegal activity in any group. If you are the administrator of a WhatsApp group you should know about the types of content shared in the group. Also, consider what kind of things need to be discussed in the group. Otherwise, you could end up in jail.

Anti-national content

Anti-national content should not be shared in the WhatsApp group. Doing so could lead to the arrest of the group admin and the person sharing the content, as well as jail time. A WhatsApp group admin from Baghpat area in Uttar Pradesh has been arrested for spreading ‘anti-national’ remarks on social media.

∙ Private pictures and videos

Do not post personal photos or videos of the group without the consent of the individual. This is a criminal offense. Doing so may result in action being taken against you.

Call for violence in society

WhatsApp can catch people who make and post videos and pictures that insult any religion or belief and call for violence. The case will have to go to jail.


Sharing pornographic content on WhatsApp groups is illegal. It is illegal to share messages that contain child pornography or promote sex work. In such cases, imprisonment is possible.

Fake news

The government has strictly banned fake news and fake content that defame the country and lead society astray. Fake news spreaders may also seize phones and accounts used for this purpose. All those who worked behind the scenes can be arrested.


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