For the first time in 50 years: a winter without snow in New York

For the first time in 50 years: a winter without snow in New York

New Yorkers who were expecting snow will probably remain disappointed until next winter. For the first time since 1973, New York experienced a snowless winter this year.

The meteorologist of the “Fox” network, Christopher Tate, said that the last time it snowed on the latest date in the winter was in 1973, when the first snowfall of the winter was recorded on January 29.

“The record for the latest measurable snow is today, and obviously we’re going to be too warm to see anything even remotely resembling snow. The latest snow on record was January 29, 1973, and we’re going to break that today because we’re not going to see any snow today,” Tate said.

Even the recent winter storms that New York has experienced in recent weeks did not bring the snow that many of the city’s residents were expecting, especially in the run-up to the traditional Christmas. “It’s been a very, very mild winter for New York City this season. It’s just been so warm this winter so far,” Tate said.

The last time forecasters were able to measure amounts of snow that had barely accumulated was on March 9 last year, but since then 326 days have passed without snow.

In normal years, the residents of New York enjoy the first snowfall already in the middle of December, and it is very possible that this year’s winter will end without snow at all due to the relatively high temperatures expected soon in New York.


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