For the president of the INPS Tridico, the recovery is there and it is robust

AGI – “The recovery? Being to the numbers available to INPS there is and is very robust”, Explains the president of the pension fund Pasquale Tridico in an interview with the newspaper La Stampa, so much so that “in the first 5 months of this year we register indeed a very positive trend of revenues, thanks to the contributions paid by companies: they increased by over 5 billion, 9.5% more of the same period of 2020 and returning almost to the levels of 2019 “.

The president explains that “in parallel there is a 2.4% reduction in payments (for an amount of 3.5 billion) for lower benefits, from pensions, to support, to shock absorbers. In fact, with this data, the deficit of 7.1 billion reported by Civ resorbs physiologically”.

Cig layoffs

However, notes the INPS president, “the request for Cig stays high, because companies in the uncertainty they keep asking for it albeit to a lesser extent than last year. We have not yet returned to the level of 2019 but not even to that of 2020. Then one thing is the requests for authorization and another is the hours actually used, the draft, which are less. Last year of Cig we have spent over 18 billion, 20 times more than in 2019, this year the legislator has foreseen only 8 “.

But this, continues Tridico, “is the lesson of the pandemic: as with the Covid cash register it is necessary to give social protection to all activities, all types, all companies of all sizes, knowing however that there are companies that they will never use – except in very particular situations, such as Covid – the shock absorbers, and others that like constructions use it in base to meteorological phenomena.

For Tridico “it is, and it will not be easy, to capture these extremes in a reform that rightly wants to be universal. Why all workers they must have layoffs or in any case a hedging subsidy, but everyone has to pay based on the risk of actually using the cashier because otherwise in a mutualistic system the danger is to increase the cost of labor”.



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