Forecast: The rain will weaken, the big storm will start at night

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Winter weekend: Today (Saturday) there will be another drop in temperatures, most of the precipitation will fall along the coastal plain, so there is a slight risk of flooding in the area. The rain will weaken during the day and will intensify there at night. On Sunday morning it will rain a lot, there is a fear of flooding along the coastal plain.

During the night, 15 cm of snow piled up on the upper level of Mount Hermon, and 7 cm on the lower level, with more snow supposed to fall during the day. The site will be closed tomorrow to visitors, and will reopen this coming Monday. It may later snow even in the high peaks of the northern mountains. The rain is expected to citrus and therefore there is a fear of flooding in the southern areas.

On the night between Sunday and Monday the rain will stop and there is a risk of a case (frost) at night and also between Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday the rain is back again, another winter system will arrive but this time it will be shorter. Maximum temperatures today: North Jerusalem mountains with 7 degrees; The Sea of ​​Galilee with 15; Nazareth with 11; Haifa with 12; Tel Aviv and the northern Negev with 13; The Dead Sea with 19 and Eilat with 17 degrees.

The updated rain radar

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