Forecaster predicted the continuation of rainy weather in Moscow in the coming days

The rainy weather that has come to Moscow will continue in the coming days. From time to time in different parts of the capital there will be showers with thunderstorms, said the leading employee of the Phobos weather center Yevgeny Tishkovets. Before that, there was an abnormal heat in Moscow, which broke long-term records.

“This story will now be on a daily basis. These thunderstorm clouds will be mosaic from time to time covered with showers, thunderstorms, hail. Tomorrow also remains possible, at the weekend it will be a little easier, “- said the forecaster (quoted by TASS). Showers will subside a bit on weekends and the capital will have more sun, he said.

In Moscow, the weather was abnormally hot for several days, the temperature was 7 ° C or more above normal. On July 13, the capital broke the 85-year-old daily temperature record.

However, rainstorms and thunderstorms hit some parts of Moscow today. Heavy rains took place in the city center, as well as in the west, north-west and south-west of the capital. In addition, because of the rains, a dozen streets in different districts of Moscow and part of the territory of Sheremetyevo airport were flooded.

Due to strong wind 20 trees were knocked down, several parked cars were damaged. In one of the districts of Moscow, a tree fell on a playground. In addition, due to the fall of a tree, a shop in one of the capital’s squares was damaged. No casualties were reported. In addition to the capital, a strong tornado took place in Mytishchi near Moscow.

Read about the hot weather in the capital in the material “Kommersant FM” “Moscow warmed up to the ground.”



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