Foreign tourism will be closed, Israelis returning from abroad will be charged with isolation

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Restoring the isolation and closing the sky to strangers: The Corona Cabinet will convene tonight (Saturday evening) at 8.30pm to discuss measures against the spread of the Omaricon (South African) variant, which is causing panic in the world.

The Ministry of Health will offer ministers to close foreign tourism for two weeks, having reopened after almost two years only in early November.

Israelis will be banned from flying to red countries, ie all African countries except Morocco. Israelis returning from red countries, even vaccinated, will be referred to a motel, until the result of the test at Ben Gurion Airport.

If the result is negative – they will be able to continue home isolation (alone) for a week, with another negative test on the seventh day. Those who leave positive – will stay in the motel until recovery.

Immunized Israelis who return from any country – isolation for 72 hours (instead of 24 hours today), with a first test on landing as usual and another negative test after 72 hours. Unvaccinated Israelis – full two-week isolation with an option to shorten to seven days subject to a negative test.

Meanwhile, the information headquarters for the struggle in Corona updated tonight that so far only one person has been identified in Israel with the Omicron variant. This is a person who has returned from Malawi.

In addition, there are suspicions of seven more cases, the results of which have not yet been obtained. Out of the Seven –
Three vaccinated and 4 unvaccinated (recovered half a year after recovery, and vaccinated in a second dose six months after vaccination). In addition four have returned from abroad and three have not been abroad recently.

Bennett on the identification of the South African variety in Israel: “There will be an economic price for our actions – we are prepared for any scenario” // Photo: GPO

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett made a number of decisions yesterday in order to prevent the spread of the virus, which has already reached Israel.

Among other things, African countries – including Mauritius, the Seychelles and Madagascar, with the exception of North African countries – will be defined as red countries. Also, the entry of foreigners from these countries will be banned. In addition, 10 million PCR kits will be purchased to closely identify the new variant.

During a press conference held yesterday with Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz, Bennett said: “Within the Corona continuum we have been in for two years, today we are at a worrying point. Two weeks ago we held a Corona war exercise called the ‘Omega Exercise’, “To prepare for the more difficult variant. We sat together, all the top of the country for a whole day and we experienced the situation where a new strain of the virus, which is particularly contagious, reaches children or even harms the vaccinated, enters the country. It came quickly and we are in a new situation.”

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