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Foreign carriers will have to check their fines and pay them, otherwise their transport will be delayed. For this, even a wheel lock is provided, up to the payment of the imposed penalty. The corresponding amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses were submitted to the State Duma by the government.

The bill expands the application of vehicle detention to foreign carriers. Now, according to the law, blockers on the wheels of foreign trucks can be placed before the payment of a fine if they exceeded the speed limit, drove under a sign prohibiting the movement of trucks, or did not pay the so-called “Platon” fee for compensation for damage to the road.

The government proposes to expand this list to all violations of the Road Traffic Regulations. And also add to it a fine for violation of the driver’s work and rest regime and a non-working or missing tachograph. Indeed, why is blocking applicable for an unpaid speeding ticket, but not for driving at a red traffic light or making a U-turn in the wrong place?

The bill specifies that the Rostransnadzor authorities will be able to “put a spoke in the wheels” of visiting trucks if the car leaves Russia. The bill appeared to implement the “road map” and, on the instructions of the president, make punishment inevitable for violating foreign carriers.

The vast majority of fines are issued with the help of cameras for photo-video recording of violations and sent to the owner of the car. And if this owner is located abroad, then it is difficult to impose a fine on him.

Much has been done to ensure that the fines issued to the owners of these trucks do not remain unpaid. In particular, normative acts have come into force that prohibit the entry into and exit from Russia for the vehicles of carriers who have debts for fines for violating traffic rules. But this prohibition can only be implemented by the border service.

And we do not have all the borders locked. For example, there are no border posts on the borders with Belarus and Kazakhstan. Therefore, the violating trucks move freely that way there and back. Their owners do not pay fines, and the drivers of these cars feel unpunished on our roads.

The new amendments should force such drivers to comply with the rules. After all, a simple truck is quite expensive. And its owner is unlikely to like the fact that the transport is stopped because of the fines collected from the cameras.

Foreign carriers have already been banned from entering and leaving Russia with fines in arrears

How does the driver of a foreign carrier learn about the fines issued to the owner? It is easy to do this on the official website of the State Traffic Inspectorate. There, in the section for checking fines, it is possible to enter a foreign car number. It is enough to enter it, and all debts will be shown. You can also pay for them there.

But all these measures are aimed only at carriers. With other owners of foreign cars we have to fight the old fashioned way. The inspector stops the car with foreign plates, checks for fines and draws them up directly to the driver.



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