Foreigner caught with illegal pills in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Saudi Arabia, First Published Aug 7, 2022, 11:48 PM IST

RIYADH: A foreigner was arrested for storing pills and trying to distribute them in violation of the provisions of distribution of medicines in the country. The Asir Road Security Department caught a Pakistani national with 16,200 pills illegally in Ahad Rufaida in southern Saudi Arabia. The pills were hidden in the vehicle driven by the accused.

A small plane crashed into the sea in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh airport information is now known through WhatsApp

Riyadh: It is now possible to know the information of Riyadh King Khalid International Airport through WhatsApp. Passengers making inquiries through WhatsApp will also get an immediate reply. All information about flight services is known in this way.

It is also possible to book flight tickets through this service. Also know information about airport facilities, shops, restaurants, parking lots and other airports in the country. Notifications about flights will also be available through it.

The differently abled will also get the necessary support through this. Riyadh Airport WhatsApp service is available at +966 9200 20090. WhatsApp service will be available from 8 am to 11.59 pm. It also helps in reporting lost baggage and availing other services from the airport.

Financial assistance provided to 14,156 families evicted for slum development in Jeddah

31 women loco pilots are in training in Saudi Arabia to drive trains

Riyadh: Women to drive high-speed trains in Saudi Arabia. As part of this, 31 native women have completed the first phase of loco pilot training. They have entered the second phase of training which lasts for five months. The training started in January.

Women have successfully completed training in various subjects including traffic regulation, safety, work accidents, fire, technical aspects related to train and infrastructure. They are expected to start running trains between Saudi cities once all the tests and training are completed in December. The training aims to create more employment opportunities for indigenous women, especially in the railway sector. As the training continues, the number of female train drivers will increase further in the coming years.

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