Forest pathologists examine forests damaged by fires in Karelia

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Specialists of the Suoyarvsky central forestry began to survey the burned-out forest areas near the village of Naystenjarvi, Segezhsky central forestry – areas covered by fires along the Kola federal highway, the Karelian Ministry of Natural Resources informs.

Surveys have already been carried out in the Muezersky district on an area of ​​400 hectares. In total, more than 1800 hectares of forest have burned out in the region.

“In the course of the survey, the sanitary and forest pathological state of forests is assessed by eye or instrumental method. The causes and extent of damage (or death) of forest plantations are determined, the location and boundaries of the damaged forest are fixed. Emergency trees are identified. All this is accompanied by obligatory photographing, ”the experts explain.

Based on the results of the surveys, sanitary and recreational measures will be prescribed: selective, clear sanitary felling or harvesting of illiquid wood. It is expected that the surveys will not be completed before winter, so they will be continued after the snow melts. In total, specialists will have to “pass” 15 thousand hectares.


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