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FORLì Everything would be born from a phone call. Between a trade unionist and an entrepreneur. With the version of the first that ignited like a fuse in the powder keg of integration in Italy. The trade unionist reports: «There was a dispute. I contacted the entrepreneur. And I was shocked when he informed me that in his company there are separate locker rooms: for white workers and black workers. He told me just like that: I will also be considered a racist but in my company it works this way ». Strong news. A scenario that if it were to correspond in all respects to reality, would give the slice of Romagna territory, that of Forlì, where the story has its heart, a facade of apartheid model American segregation. A dressing room for Italians and one for foreigners. Or, to declassify the words of the entrepreneur, one for Christians and one for Muslims. But is it really so? Let’s go in order.

The Romagna company

The dispute originated in September in Forlì, at the headquarters of a well-known company specializing in protective paints, Plasfor, with works and orders all over the world. Twenty workers hired, half of which are Italian. One day one of his employees goes to pray in a mosque in Cesena. On his return he is positive and infects four other colleagues. The entrepreneur, Claudio Conficoni, decides to suspend the worker. The dispute with the union (Femca-Cisl) is born and it is on that occasion that the unionist Cristian Pancisi says he learns of the separation based on the color of the skin. The case arises and comes to light in these hours because Pancisi, after months, has dusted off the episode.

On the telephone

The day of the entrepreneur Conficoni was all about answering the phone. He does not deny the division but gives a very different interpretation of it. “Maybe the trade unionist in question wants to make a name for himself, a career. But I say: I have been on the market for over 30 years, only hired workers in good standing work with me. Only those who are good enter my company. And if I have hired Macedonians, Albanians, Senegalese, from Burkina Faso it is because they want to work and they do it well ». Plasfor, he remembers, is the one who painted the Unicredit tower in Milan, the tallest skyscraper in the city. A break. “Yes, yes, I get there at the separation of the changing rooms.” On the phone it is a fury. “It was a decision made by my employees. Among them there are Muslims who need to pray. During working hours they are allowed to do this in the locker room. The others said: but it’s not like I have to see them pray to go pee! So by mutual agreement they decided. That’s all. And in any case the spaces are shared, showers, bathroom. They are only separated by two doors ».


Like a good trade unionist, Pancisi attacks with one of the union’s warhorses, the confrontation: “If the entrepreneur accepts it we are available”. However, it does not take a step back. «It was Conficoni who told me that there was a bathroom for whites and one for blacks, even though he corrected his shot by saying that the motivation was religious that there was one for my Christians and one for Muslims. The problem of the coexistence of different ethnic groups exists in many companies. To solve it you need time, competence and will. In the case of Conficoni, I believe that a too simple solution was sought. Unacceptable”.


Pancisi had already reported the separate locker room to the labor inspectorate in September. An inspector had collected the testimonies of the workers. And that was it. “That’s right,” adds the entrepreneur. «They understood that it was an agreement between them and that the reason was to leave a space for prayer to some. My employees have been angry since yesterday, especially the Albanians. They comment: but how did this nonsense about the locker room come out? Does the union realize that the image damage to my company also affects the workers? ». Pancisi replies: «I too was called by an Italian worker. He wanted to confront me. They feel pulled into dance by the entrepreneur. I am dedicating my professional career to integration and I repeat what I said: this situation has angered me ».

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