Former Governor Christie and activist West lengthen the list of candidates for the White House

Former Governor Christie and activist West lengthen the list of candidates for the White House

2023-06-06 22:00:00

Cornel West, professor and activist, is the candidate of the US People’s Party. CornelWest | REUTERS

One will try to be the Republican candidate for the presidency and the other, from the People`s Party formation.

06 jun 2023 . Updated at 10:03 p.m.

The list of candidates for the White House it keeps increasing. African-American progressive philosopher and activist Cornel West announced his candidacy for the presidency by a third party on Monday People’s Partyand Chris Christie, former governor of New Jersey, did it this Tuesday for the Republicans.

Christie has gone from being an ally of Donald Trump to be one of his fiercest critics within the Republican Party. Although in 2016 he supported the tycoon’s candidacy after his own failed, in 2020 he became one of his fiercest critics after Trump’s accusation of electoral fraud. Then, he said that the former president’s behavior was completely unacceptable for someone who had held the highest position that the United States can bestow.

For his part, West was a professor at Harvard and is currently a professor emeritus at Princeton University.

Among the measures advocated by progressive Cornel West are the universal extension of Medicare coverage (currently restricted to people over 65 and people with certain disabilities), a ban on corporate lobbyists, and the disintegration of the I’LL TAKE.

In the video of the presentation of his candidacy, in which photos of his life and his career as an activist are interspersed with interventions in the media, the academic defends that he is running for truth and justice. In 2020, West claimed that he would vote for Joe Biden to get the gangsters out of the White House, in reference to Donald Trump. Looking ahead to 2024, his candidacy could have the opposite effect. While independent candidates have never been successful, at times the vote they got did serve to sway elections toward one of the two major parties (for example, for Trump in 2016 or Bill Clinton in 1992).

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