Former member of the Nazi death squad | Helmut Oberlander calls for his trial to be postponed

A former member of the Nazi death squad who now lives in Canada has asked for his deportation hearing to be postponed.

Helmut Oberlander’s lawyer argues that the federal government withheld crucial information for ten years and should have released it.

The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada is conducting a hearing to determine whether Mr. Oberlander can remain in Canada or should be returned to Germany.

The 97-year-old, who was born in Ukraine and now lives in Waterloo, Ontario, was a member of a Nazi death squad that operated behind the front line of the German army in the occupied territories from the East during World War II.

He claims he was drafted into office as a teenager and was not involved in any murders.

In a confidential section of a report on war crimes in Canada, it is stated that there is no evidence that Mr. Oberlander participated in executions or fired a shot at anyone during the war. , argued his lawyer, Ronald Poulton.

The Justice Department said Mr. Oberlander received this document 35 years ago and the hearing should not be postponed.

Mr Poulton said yesterday that his client was unable to defend himself due to his mental condition and was unfit to appear.


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