Former Minister CV Shanmugam contest – AIADMK candidates announcement in state elections | cv shanmugam becomes admk candidate of rajya sabha election

Chennai: AIADMK candidates for state elections have been announced.

The term of office of 57 out of 15 states, including 6 MPs in Tamil Nadu, expires in June to August. In Tamil Nadu, the tenure of DMK’s DKS Ilangovan, RS Bharathi, KRN Rajeshkumar, AIADMK’s Navaneethakrishnan, SR Balasubramanian and A. Vijayakumar will end on June 29. Elections to fill these 57 seats were recently announced as the presidential election is about to take place. Accordingly, the election is scheduled to take place on June 10. Nomination filing starts today. The petition closes on the 31st.

Out of 6 seats in Tamil Nadu, 4 seats went to the ruling DMK and 2 to the AIADMK. Among them, Thanjai S. Kalyana Sundaram, Ira Girirajan and KRN Rajeshkumar have been announced as the candidates for the 3 seats of the DMK. The DMK has given a seat to the Congress. Congress has not yet announced a candidate for the seat.

Meanwhile, the AIADMK has announced its candidates for two seats. Accordingly, former minister CV Shanmugam and Mudukulathur union secretary Dharmar have been declared candidates. It has been reported that they will file nominations soon.

Earlier, AIADMK ex-ministers Jayakumar and CV Shanmugam were rumored to be likely to stand as candidates. At the same time, it is rumored that the names of P. Chidambaram or Sasikant Senthil are under consideration on behalf of the Congress.


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