Former minister Yizhar Shay is not enthusiastic about Eisenkot’s joining

Minister of Science and Technology Izhar Shay (photo by Blue-White Public Relations)

Former minister Yizhar Shay said in an interview with Kol Brama radio that: “Izenkot’s entry into politics is welcome regardless of which party he joins. Will he bring about the change in Blue and White and ensure that there will be governmental stability here for a few years? I am not so sure.” .

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As mentioned, Defense Minister and Chairman of the State Camp Benny Gantz at the launch event of the “State Camp” and on the occasion of Eisenkot joining the party said that: “Eisenkot is not only a commander with a lot of rights, he is a person with a lot of values. Passed the toughest tests in Israeli society.”

He added: “The common denominator between us is the state camp. Together we will work to pull the political cart out of the mud, and no less important than that we will steer it to achieve our national goals. Statehood is the ability to unite groups and tribes, it is the only way to avoid six elections, and to form a broad and stable government with support wide public

Colonel (resp.) Gadi Eisenkot: “Ganz, whom I had the privilege of serving alongside and under his command for a long time, is the most suitable person to lead the state camp and the ideas he expresses.
The State of Israel was caught up in a political crisis and instability that lasted for years, a deep rift in the heart of society, therefore the decision not to sit on the sidelines but to take action and join a state political framework, which will form the basis for a broad and stable government over time, was rewarding in my heart.”

He also added: “I believe in state leadership, modest and matter-of-fact, that puts you, the citizens of Israel, at the top of the list of priorities. In my view, we must strive to establish a government that will integrate the multitude of state forces operating in Israel, that will restore governmental stability and that will promote respectful discourse and national interests. We are facing substantial challenges and we do not have The right not to establish a functioning government for the sake of the citizens of Israel.”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice Gideon Sa’ar: “This movement, which is taking the first step today, is not a technical move. This is a profound move whose goal is to establish a deep-rooted political power for all of Israel. This movement can be and will be a home for anyone who is loyal to the original values ​​of the Zionist movement in all its nuances – revisionist Zionism, the labor movement and religious Zionism. Today it is possible. And it will also be a home for all citizens of Israel regardless of religion or sect. This house will be a democratic house and strive for unity in the nation.”

In conclusion, he said: “I believe in the power of this unification to produce a significant, state, patriotic political force, guided in its action by the national interest, which will bring stability to our political system. Hard work ahead of us.”

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