Former policeman insulted a journalist on national grounds and threatened her

Former policeman insulted a journalist on national grounds and threatened her

Disclaimer: In order to avoid a conflict of interest, we inform you that the heroine of the material, Alexandra Li, is collaborating with Kloop.

Journalist Alexandra Li reported threats from her neighbor, who she said was a former police officer. Li posted this on her Facebook page.

“It all started with a domestic conflict “you scratched my car”, [криков], insults and unreasonable demands to let him inspect my car. I said that I would reimburse everything without any problems if it was us (me or my husband, we both drive the same car), but since I had already been yelled at, I said that we would call the police first. What he clearly did not like: he began to yell and insult more than ever, ”the journalist wrote.

Li also said that a neighbor insulted her on a national basis and she has an expert opinion confirming this. She revealed signs of inciting ethnic hatred in the words of the journalist’s neighbor, as well as linguistic signs of a “hostile and intolerant” attitude based on nationality.

“I was insulted on national grounds and threatened with acts of a sexual nature! (“F*ck I’ll make you suck,” said the neighbor). And then there were threats to evict us, to punish us, to take off my husband’s head, ”says the journalist.

According to her, a year ago, the same neighbor insulted her, spat at her and threatened to set fire to her car. Lee claims that the police then “quickly hushed up” the case. According to her, her neighbor used to work in law enforcement agencies, and now works as a lawyer in the Legal Aid Service under the Ministry of Justice.

The press service of the Bishkek police at the time of publication of the material was unavailable for comment.


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