Former Supreme Court Justice Gabriel Bach has passed away at the age of 94

Former Supreme Court Justice Gabriel Bach passed away today (Friday) at the age of 94. Bach served in a number of positions in the justice system, and as part of his work in the State Attorney’s Office in the 1960s was entrusted with gathering evidence against Nazi criminal Adolf Eichmann. An official announcement about the date of his funeral and his funeral will come out in an orderly manner later.

Bach was born in Halberstadt, Germany, on March 13, 1927. He fled with his family to the Netherlands in 1938, two weeks before Kristallnacht, and in 1940 fled with his family to Israel, where he joined the Haganah. In 1953-1951 he served in the military prosecutor’s office, and from there he moved to the state prosecutor’s office. As part of his job, you were entrusted with the collection of evidence at the trial of Nazi criminal Adolf Eichmann, and conducted the proceedings alongside Gideon Hausner.

From 1982-1969, Bach served as State Attorney. During his tenure, he handled tumultuous cases, such as the first white-collar cases and precedent-setting petitions to the High Court.

A statement announcing his death read: “He has always seen before his eyes the personal story of the litigants before him. The look from the eye level to each person, were the characteristic features that earned him great love and sympathy from wall to wall. “

When he reached the age of 70, in 1997, he retired from the judiciary and served as chairman of public committees, including the Committee for the Appointment of Senior Civil Service Positions. In the same year he was awarded the title “Dear Jerusalem”, and in 2005 he was awarded the title “Knight of the Quality of Government” for a lifetime achievement.


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