Formula 1: podium for Ocon in Monaco, Verstappen winner

Formula 1: podium for Ocon in Monaco, Verstappen winner

2023-05-28 17:19:02

The order of the starting grid was respected, and this is excellent news for the French Alpine team and its driver Esteban Ocon, who secured a superb podium on the mythical Monaco course. In a grand prix marked at the end of the race by heavy rain, the French driver held his place behind Max Verstappen (Red Bull) and Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin).

On the weather screens, the technical teams and the staff of the stables watched with apprehension the big rain clouds that were prowling around Monaco. And to see the turn that these few drops have given to a race that took place, so far, in absolute calm, we better understand the anxiety that accompanied the arrival of this impromptu actor.

A history of tires between Verstappen and Alonso

Slips, shocks, clumsy tire changes enlivened the last 20 laps of this Monaco GP, but did not prevent Max Verstappen from driving at full speed towards a victory that was promised to him. Starting in pole position ahead of Alonso, Leclerc and Ocon, the Dutchman never left the lead of the race, always maintaining a relatively comfortable lead over his first Spanish pursuer. The Aston Martin driver therefore finished second, with Ocon who completed the podium despite the great pressure put on, at the very end of the race, by Lewis Hamilton (4th).

However, the race was not easy for Verstappen, who quickly complained about the condition of his tires and in particular the front left. He finally held on to this uncertain rubber and only pitted when the rain started to fall, just like Alonso… who had to change tires twice in two laps (55/56), the fault of a failed first change to medium tires despite the rain. A blunder that allowed Verstappen to take off, and twenty seconds ahead, in the lead.

In the overall driver classification, Verstappen also takes the lead over his teammate Sergio Pérez (Red Bull), who finishes 16th and therefore does not record any points in this race.

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