Formula 1: Verstappen jokes over 50,000 euro fine – and invites himself to Formula 1

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He pays – and invites himself too.

Max Verstappen (24) has to pay a fine of 50,000 euros for illegally touching the car of World Cup competitor Lewis Hamilton (36). A lot of money for the average consumer, kids’ stuff for the Red Bull driver.

This is exactly why the Dutch can joke about their fines. Verstappen: “That is a harsh punishment. But hopefully the Fia will have a nice dinner with lots of good wine from it. You are welcome to invite me to do so. I would pay that extra too. “

And further: “Unfortunately, now I can get fewer FIFA Points (virtual currency in the football simulation FIFA22; editor’s note) buy. ”The World Cup leader is a big fan of the game title. In his virtual team he plays with PSG star Kylian Mbappe (22), who congratulated him after his victory in Monaco.

But it was not only Verstappen who took the punishment with humor. Sebastian Vettel (34) also joked about the penalty after the end of the sprint race. The German, who parked his car directly behind the Hamilton racing car and was looking at the much-discussed rear wing, radioed his pits: “I’ll touch it now.” His engineer promptly replied: “Don’t you dare! It’s very expensive! “Vettel replied:” I’m just joking. I will try the front wing. Maybe that’s only 25,000 euros. “

And indeed, Vettel, who is called “Inspector Seb” in Formula 1 for his precise observations, stopped next to the Briton’s car after he got out of the car. But there was no contact.

That would probably have been quite expensive.


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