Forskning: Russia’s forests help save the planet

The Norwegian portal Forskning published an article citing a study by an international group of scientists published in Nature on the problem of forests. A fifth of the forests of the planet Earth are located in Russia, moreover, in recent years their area has increased, and their efficiency has increased. The point is that trees absorb carbon dioxide, preventing dangerous climate change.

Since 1988, the biomass of Russian forests has grown by 40%, besides, carbon in Russia is absorbed 47% more intensively than indicated in the international report on the “greenhouse effect”. “So, the green forests of Russia have a positive effect on the climate equation,” the publication notes.

However, there is still a danger. Forests also depend on the climate, and according to Jenny Noorden of the Norwegian Institute of Natural Research, many trees have grown faster, but live less and absorb less carbon dioxide. Therefore, you should not rely on tree growth as a way to combat excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Storms, droughts, high temperatures damage trees and make them vulnerable to parasites.



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