Fortress, dangerous cars: 700 fines in one year – Bressanone

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FORTEZZA. Boom of fines for speeding in the budgets of the Municipality of Fortezza, which, during the last year, recorded 700 fines for almost 25 thousand euros in collections through the surveys of the 3 speedcheck stations operating in the area, almost double for example of Bressanone, where last year the fines for motorists who exceeded the speed limits were 377.

The data emerge from the balance sheet recently presented by the local police force of Bressanone, which is also responsible for the territory of Fortezza, as well as those of Rio Pusteria and Varna. And they are data that make us understand how the excessive speed of the cars and the overspeed of the limits represent a problem in the country of the Hapsburg fort.

“The excessive speed of passing cars has always been a problem for our community – explains Mayor Thomas Klapfer – We have been looking for a valid solution for years and some results are coming, even if slowly and in fact it is difficult to enforce the limit of 50 kilometers per hour. We have only 3 operational speedcheck stations along the main road through the country. One device is installed in the north of the country, one in the center and the third in the south. The one that works most of all is undoubtedly the survey station in the center, located at kilometer 489, which monitors both the north and south lanes.

In particular, this post last year detected 259 overruns of the speed limits on the south lane to the north and 175 on the north lane to the south, for a total of 434 minutes in a single detection point. The other two stations located at the entrance and exit of the town instead totaled 266 minutes, which, added to the third station, bring the fines in 2020 to 700 in total. In recent years we have noticed an improvement in the situation in general – concludes Klapfer – also because these stations act as a deterrent even when they are off. However, it must be said that the situations of danger for road users remain, especially for those who live at the southern entrance of Fortezza, where in the past there have also been accidents with motorcycles, cars and heavy vehicles. There are still too many drivers of vehicles whizzing through the country without respecting the limit of 50 kilometers per hour ”.

In the past, flashing light signals were also used to indicate to respect the speed at the southern entrance of the country and reminded of the deduction of points from the driving license for excessive speed. But what appeared to be a good solution did not have the desired effects. Now, with the use of the 3 speedchecks, there have been some effects and improvements.

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