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French club PSG superstar Neymar has been ruled out with a hamstring injury. The Brazilian superstar has been ruled out of the French league with a hamstring injury. In the 87th minute of the match, Neymar injured his ankle due to a foul committed by Etienne.

Neymar fell to the ground in a foul on his opponent’s foul and was rushed to a PSG medical team, where he was given first aid and taken out on a stretcher. He is expected to miss the rest of the season due to a serious injury.

How many matches will Neymar miss?

How many matches a player will miss depends on the severity of the injury. Under the current circumstances, Neymar will miss PSG’s next league match against Nantes on Wednesday.

If the injury is more serious and requires surgery, the player may miss matches until the New Year. However, only by scanning the player and finding out how serious the injury is will it be possible to confirm how long the player will need to rest.

But if the player loses more matches, it will be a big setback for PSG. The Brazilian has been ruled out of the season with a hamstring injury. As the new season draws to a close, PSG management are worried that Neymar could miss the rest of the season due to a serious injury.

This is Neymar’s 14th game against PS Etienne for PSG this season. He has scored three goals and three assists for PSG so far this season.

Neymar comforts fans

Meanwhile, Neymar shared a post on Instagram to comfort his fans. Neymar said he would return with more excellence and strength. “It’s time to dump her and move on. Will come back with more excellence and strength. “- Neymar.

PSG get a slight relief despite Neymar’s injury

Lionel Messi’s performance was a relief to PSG despite Neymar’s injury. PSG Messi won the match by one goal. Messi scored a hat-trick of assists as PSG won by three goals to one.

With the win, PSG are still far ahead in the French league with 40 points from 15 matches. Second-placed Nice have just 26 points from as many games.


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