found alive 100 km away

From Holland comes the incredible story of a cow overwhelmed by the waters of a river during the flood and found alive about 100 kilometers away. The animal was dragged by the flood of the Meuse and rescued while it was standing on a bank, reports the broadcaster ‘Omroep Brabant’, according to which the cow from the city of Echt, in the southern part of the Netherlands, was saved in Escharen, south of the border town of Nijmegen, after locals alerted the emergency services.

“We were surprised that the cow survived such a distance,” a firefighter commented to the broadcaster. “We don’t know if the animal floated the whole time or if there were times when it touched the river bed with its paws,” he added. A vet examined the cow on the spot, while the farmer who owned the animal went to retrieve the cow after the adventurous river trip.


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