Found the largest dinosaur in Australia, it was 30 meters long –

They named it Cooper, after the area where it was discovered, Cooper Creek. He lived between 96 and 92 million years in what is now Queensland, Australia, when the Australian continent was still united with Antarctica. It was between 25 and 30 meters long (like a basketball court) and could possibly weigh up to 74 tons, which is nine African elephants combined. The scientific name he was given is Australotitan cooperensis and is the largest dinosaur ever found in Australia. Despite the two enormous dimensions, it is not the largest dinosaur found, some specimens discovered in Argentina a dozen years ago are even more gigantic. But Cooper is in the top 10-15 of the greats.

The classification

Indeed, its remains were extracted from the desert soil of the southwestern corner of Queensland in 2007 by Robyn and Stuart Mackenzie, but have only now been studied by paleontologists and geologists at the Queensland Museum and Natural History Museum. by Eromanga and the work was published by the scientific journal Peer J. The bones were very fragile and damaged and were all scanned and reproduced in 3D to be able to study them better without damaging them.

A sauropod

Cooper was a sauropod, a herbivorous reptile, that is, he was part of a distinct group of dinosaurs compared to the carnivores that belonged to the theropods (such as the famous tyrannosaurus) from which modern birds will originate. According to scholars there are still many dinosaur remains to be found in the red rocks of the Eromanga area, which also preserves the fossilized footprints of a 100-meter-long path.

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