Found with 46 cocaine eggs and at home he had 49 thousand euros in cash – They followed and stalked him for some time: when the investigators of the Flying Squad saw him near the building known as “the Train”, in via Lago di Capestrano in the Rancitelli district, they understood that the right time had come. In fact, a 37-year-old PA from had cocaine on him for a total weight of 47.5 grams divided into 46 electro-welded eggs.

At that point, the agents of the Flying Squad headed by Deputy Commissioner Dante Cosentino extended the search inside a warehouse owned by the man and found another twenty grams of marijuana and 25.6 grams of hashish.

In a safe in the PA home there were 49 thousand euros in cash, money deemed to be the proceeds of the dealing activity and placed under seizure. At home, the man also illegally possessed an electric bollard (taser) and was charged with illegal possession of weapons.

PA was arrested for detention for the purpose of drug trafficking and during the validation hearing this morning, the judge ordered the precautionary measure of the obligation to stay in the city of against him.


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