Four common habits that are harmful to our mouth and teeth

Four common habits that are harmful to our mouth and teeth

2023-04-25 10:45:46

Victor Cambra

  • Medical Director of Cambra Clinic, specialized in digital dentistry and dental aesthetics.

The mouth is one of the most sensitive parts of our body and one of the main sources of ailments and infections. According to data from the World Health Organization (OMS), oral diseases affect about 3.5 billion people Worldwide.

Oral health is closely related to general health and, although the oral diseases They appear mainly due to incorrect hygiene, there are many small actions that we carry out mechanical way in our day to day that directly affect our oral health without realizing it.

It is essential to remember that the prevention It is the simplest habit to maintain good dental health. Performing quality brushing, using dental floss and fluoride daily and visiting the dentist regularly are actions that we must apply in our routine and that can help prevent appearance of diseases and keep our mouth in optimal condition.

It's used to it.

1) Nail biting

Whether due to stress, frustration or boredom, one of the worst habits that human beings have and that directly affects our oral health is biting our nails. The onicofagia, the term with which we refer to this habit, causes microtrauma to the teeth and joints of the mouth. Biting your nails, in the same way that occurs with hard elements such asor pencils or pensgenerates small breaks in our teeth, which are not prepared to make this type of incision.

Likewise, in addition to these micro-tears, this bad habit is one of the main reasons for infections such as gingivitis due to the bacteria that are deposited on our nails and introduced into our oral cavity.

2) smoking

man smoking
man smoking
Juan Monino (stock)

According to data from the European Health Survey, 40% of Spaniards are smokers. Tobacco consumption is undoubtedly one of the most widespread habits and one that is most detrimental to our oral health. The Spanish Society of Periodontics and Osseointegration indicates that approximately between 30% and 40% of the cases of periodontitis chronic is derived from tobacco use.

The nicotineIn addition to darkening the enamel of the teeth and producing bad breath, it causes gum diseases that can cause cavities, the loss of teeth and promote the appearance of oral cancer.

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3) Drink isotonic drinks

drinks with a high acid content they are especially detrimental to the demineralization of dental enamel. Beverages with a high level of acid are below the pH level of our saliva, affecting more severely the erosion of our teeth. The acid causes a disqualification in our teeth and comes into contact with the dentin producing dental sensitivity.

Isotonic or sports drinks, which we generally associate as sources of energy for our body, are, however, the most damaging to enamel of our teeth due to its high level of acidity. Other carbohydrate drinks such as energy drinks, soft drinks or juices also cause demineralization in tooth enamel for the same reason.

4) Wearing mouth piercings

lip piercing
lip piercing
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Although the fashion for oral piercings on the tongue and lips have spread in our society, this aesthetic complement is one of the main reasons why the mouth generates infections and inflammations. The rubbing of the piercing – generally metallic – against the teeth causes a constant erosion of tooth enamel and that weakens the teeth and can even cause the loss of dental pieces.

In the same way that it happens with the nails, the bacteria they accumulate more easily in piercings and therefore people with oral piercings are more prone to gum disease and oral infections.

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