Fourth time ice cream? Judy Sweetin is engaged

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Soon a bride again. Judy SweetinPhoto: GettyImages

A few days after the funeral of the star of the series “Grief Growing Up Girls” Bob Sagt, Good news is coming from Judy Sweetin, Who played his middle daughter Stephanie in the series. Sweetin announced this morning (Tuesday) that she is engaged to her partner, Meskel Vasilevsky, After three years of marriage.

Sweetin, who will celebrate her 40th birthday tomorrow, posted a picture in which she and her new fiancé are seen smiling and showcasing the engagement ring, writing: “I love you Mescal, forever. You are my man, I can not wait and see the life that awaits us. I I think I would really enjoy being 40 years old. ”

An engagement ring as a birthday present.  Judy Sweetin and Meskel Vasilevsky (Photo: Instagram)

An engagement ring as a birthday present. Judy Sweetin and Mescal VasilevskyPhoto: Instagram

Many of Sweetin’s friends hurried to greet, including her TV sister Candice Cameron She wrote: “Congratulations my sister, love you.” Marla Sokoloff Who also played alongside Sweetin in the series wrote: “Judy! God, congratulations from her mother!”. Danica Meckler, The star of the nostalgic series “The Magic Years” also sent her congratulations, as did the actress Jennifer Love Hewitt.

The matter of marriage is not new for Svitin, as Vasilevsky is about to be her fourth husband. She first married in 2002 and divorced 4 years later. A year later she remarried and gave birth to her daughter Zoe (9), but even these marriages did not last and lasted only 3 years. In 2012 Sweetin married for the third time and gave birth to another daughter, Beatrix (7). Sweetin and her then-husband Morty Coyle They separated a year later, but the divorce process was only completed in 2016 and Sweetin was required to pay Quoill monthly alimony of $ 2,800.

To 80s and 90s TV viewers, Sweetin is best remembered as Stephanie, the sweet, middle-aged daughter from the “Growing Up Girls” series. The series came to an end in 1995 after 8 seasons, and 13-year-old Switin had a hard time adjusting to a routine life, without the fame and cameras. In her autobiography she says she started drinking alcohol on the eve of Cameron’s wedding, about a year after the series ended: “I probably finished 2 bottles of wine on my own, and I was only 14” she wrote. “The first drink gave me the sense of self-confidence I had been looking for all my life, and it gave the door to the way I drank later.”

From “Grief Growing Up Girls”Screenshot

Sweetin became addicted to alcohol and over time also started using drugs. When she moved to a dormitory in college, instead of going to class – she went to parties: “My life revolved around alcohol so much that I said to myself ‘Great, I can drink and go to parties from Monday to Thursday, and I’ll come home this weekend to sleep and rest so I can keep doing it all. “Again the following week. I did not think that among all these I was also supposed to go to school.”

She graduated, but barely worked and went in and out of rehab. Sweetin says she gave lectures on alcohol use in which she said she was weaned, even though in practice she still drank non-stop. “From a young age I knew how to balance the work, my life and the responsibilities placed on me. I lost that ability when I was 20. I had no idea how to put it all together, but when I was 5 – I was great at it,” she said.

Sweetin says the biggest low point for her was in 2008, when she was driving with her little daughter, while she was drugged and drunk. Sweetin then returned to rehab and recounts: “From that day on, I invested all my energy in rehab and avoided people who would make lines while drinking coffee,” she wrote in her book.

In recent years Sweetin’s acting career has returned to blossom, she has starred in the series “Growing Sorrow Girls: The Next Generation” and in various TV movies, and even demonstrated her dancing abilities on the program “Dancing with the Stars”, where she came in sixth place. These days she is hosting a humorous podcast on the subject of family and children.

From “Grief Raising Girls: The Next Generation”Screenshot

As mentioned – the good news comes shortly after the death of actor Bob Sagt, who played Sweetin’s father in the series “Growing Up Girls” and in its sequel, which aired for 6 seasons on Netflix. Sagitt was found dead about a week and a half ago in the hotel room where he was staying during his stand-up tour. The circumstances of his death are still being investigated, but it has been reported that there is no suspicion of criminality or drug use.

Sagitt’s funeral was held last weekend, and was attended by all the other stars of the series, including Sweetin, Lori Locklin, John Stamos andMary-Kate And Ashley Olsen. Before the funeral, Sweetin wrote on her Instagram account: “There are no words to describe how I feel today, or ones that can reflect even part of the person he was. What I do know is that we never missed an opportunity to tell each other we love each other. Every time we talked “We said it at least 3 or 4 times, whether in messages, phone calls or in person. And usually he was the one who liked to say last, ‘I love you more.'”

Judy Sweetin arrives at Bob Sagt's funeral (Photo: Mega)

Judy Sweetin arrives at Bob Sagt’s funeralPhoto: Mega

Congratulations on your engagement!  (Photo: Instagram)

Congratulations on your engagement!Photo: Instagram

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