France: 31 immigrants drowned on their way to Britain

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Canal to Manche in France. Illustration (Photo: Shatterstock)

Disaster off the coast of France: At least 31 migrants drowned after the fishing boat in which they sailed sank in the English Channel, connecting France and Britain. According to local media reports, 5 more people were rescued from the canal while unconscious, and at least 20 others were seriously injured. Two people are still defined as missing

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According to local authorities, the migrants tried to sail through the canal to reach Britain. Preliminary investigation reveals that a group of smugglers operated the boat that sank, when the immigrants allegedly paid them thousands of euros to board the ship and reach the UK via it. Apparently, the ship sank following an overload of passengers. Rescue workers are now operating in the area looking for more survivors, but have warned that the death toll “could rise further later.”

The French interior minister, Gerald Demarnin, arrived at the scene of the drowning and said that “this is a terrible tragedy, which raises very difficult feelings. Many people died because of the overturning of this boat while passing in the English Channel. We can not strongly condemn the criminal nature of the smugglers these”.

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