France, Hidalgo and Le Pen: two women challenge Macron for the Elysée

France, D-day in Rouen for Hidalgo: the mayor who wants the Elysée

The socialist mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, launches into the race toEliseo a Rouen. An announcement that is not a surprise: it comes after several months of travel, to have “the basics to be able to speak to the country”. The chosen city is a great place to illustrate the industrial reconversion through the ecological transition, which will be one of the central themes of his campaign. Rouen also makes it possible to give “a national dimension” to his candidacy.

Currently accredited between 7 and 9% of votes according to polls, Anne Hidalgo remembers being defeated in Paris too. “We were convinced that she would not have moved if she had not had a clear candidacy,” explains those around him. Her intervention will allow her to explain “why she is launching and for what project”. It should in particular highlight the values ​​of social democracy and “republican equality”, which this daughter of Spanish immigrants arrived in France at the age of two he made his “compass”.

His statement comes three days before the release of his book “Une femme francaise”, (Editions de l’Observatoire), where he reveals his vision of France and some of his priorities. In addition to the “ecological transition”, which must not be made “to the detriment of the middle classes and popular categories”, he wants to tackle “inequalities” and allow everyone to “live better than their jobs anywhere in France”, as he explained before. to several hundred elected parties who left in Villeurbanne in July. Thus, for the “invisible” (carers, cashiers …) who “run the company every day of the year”, it is “quite economically bearable to raise wages”, he states in his book, citing the CFDT that proposes an overall increase of 15%, “a solid lead,” in her opinion. Another priority is school. He considers it “possible” for a five-year period to “multiply at least two” the salary of teachers.


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