France is closed, red zone for a month and schools closed

by time news – In an attempt to stem the “third wave” of the Covid-19 epidemic, which caused the collapse of the French health system reached 90% of the places occupied in intensive care, President Emmanuel announced new restrictions across the country: red zone throughout France from Saturday and for four weeks, and the closing of schools for three weeks, starting Tuesday.

Currently the is in effect in 19 departments, it will come instead extended to the entire metropolitan area, he communicated to the Macron nation in a televised speech.

The president’s warning

We will lose control of the situation if we don’t act now“, warned Macron (the cases of daily contagion now almost 60 thousand a day), that admitted to having made “mistakes” in the management of the crisis but which defended the strenuous attempt, despite the criticisms, of keep schools open until the end, making France an exception on the European scene.

Curfew from 7pm

The new restrictions include the curfew for the whole territory from 19:00 to 06:00, the closure of some commercial activities and movement restrictions without self-certification within a radius of 10 kilometers from one’s home. The rules on travel, however, come into force from Tuesday, at the end of the Easter weekend, during which the French will therefore be able to move between regions.

The closure of the schools was the most painful choice but invoked for some time by many parties, including scientists and teachers. From next Tuesday there will be a week of distance learning, then two weeks of unified ‘spring break’ for everyone; from 26 April the return to class for nursery and primary school, while middle and high schools resume at a distance.

From May 3rd, the lectures will again be in attendance if the data will allow it. “The virus is circulating in schools, but no more than elsewhere”, said the president, adding that “the school is not negotiable” and recalling that France was one of the “rare countries” that has kept its schools open since beginning of the school year.

In mid-May the reopening for catering and culture

Macron then promised the partial reopening of catering and culture: “From mid-May we will begin to reopen with strict rules, certain places of culture, we will authorize the opening of outdoor areas under certain conditions and we will build between mid-May and early summer, a gradual reopening calendar for culture, sport, leisure, our cafes and restaurants, ”he said.

The head of the Elysée also announced the goal of add 10 thousand resuscitation beds, promised a strengthening of the vaccination campaign. “Our main challenge is to accelerate again and again” on vaccination, he insisted, reiterating thegoal to have immunized all adults by the end of the summer.


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