France is on fire: protests are expanding, threats against Jewish politicians

France is on fire: protests are expanding, threats against Jewish politicians

France continues to burn: Today (Tuesday) marked the tenth national day of action of violent demonstrations and strikes all over the country in protest against the reform of the pension law.

Hundreds of thousands of French protested in the streets, when some of the protests turned violent – mainly following the initiative of the anarchist demonstrators called the “men of the black bloc”. The protesters burned tires and piles of garbage and municipal equipment. Some threw Molotov cocktails at the police, who attacked them with stun grenades and tear gas. Dozens of protesters and 47 police officers were injured. Following the fatal wounding of three protesters last week in St. Solin, in the west of the country, allegations of violent suppression of the protest by the police multiplied yesterday.

So far, President Macron refuses any possibility of waiving the law or amending it. Yesterday, he rejected a proposal by the leader of the Democratic Workers’ Union, Lauren Barge, to agree to the mediation of a committee that would discuss possible amendments to the law. At the same time, the Macron government’s coalition partners, headed by Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne, expressed support for the possibility of a compromise.

The political conflict and rising violence have increased the number of anti-Semitic incidents in the country in recent days. Jewish members of parliament who support the reform have received anti-Semitic threats against their lives. One of them is the Speaker of the Parliament Yael Baron-Piva, who received a threatening message according to which “the amount of cyclone gas in which the Nazis murdered the Jews is insufficient. We will make sure to renew it.”

Meanwhile, many debates were recorded among the members of the Jewish community in France, following the crisis in Israel and France between Netanyahu’s supporters and his opponents and between Macron’s supporters and his opponents.

The president of the Social Fund of French Jews, Ariel Goldman, expressed concern for the fate of Israeli democracy following the dismissal of Defense Minister Yoav Galant.
On the other hand, former member of parliament Meir Habib, one of Netanyahu’s associates, called on Goldman to respect the decision of the voters in Israel and “to deal with the protest issues in France”.


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