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To connect the films of Bruno Dumont («France»(e Nabil Ayouch)“High and loud”, Alto e forte), in competition at Cannes, is the ambition to look at the respective countries to highlight their limits and contradictions. The French film wants to confuse, right from the ambiguity of the title, the name of the protagonist (Léa Seydoux) with that of her country. But above all he seems interested in reiterating that a television that deceives (France is an information star, very skilled in constructing its reportages tailored to the audience) can only be told by a cinema that reveals its “tricks”, starting with by very evident transparent. A very risky choice that goes into crisis when the protagonist leaves the TV to return to the real world, of which she will discover predictable selfishness, treachery and dramas (in addition to the violence of social media and the tabloid press). But for once not even Seydoux can make it credible and convincing is an overly programmatic character, a sort of standard-bearer of obvious ideas (everything is done for the public) and private feuilleton dramas.

More convincing, even if not exactly unforgettable, Ayouch’s Moroccan film, set in the cultural center of a popular neighborhood of Casablanca. Here comes a music teacher (Ismail Adouab) to teach Hip Hop to kids, who don’t miss the opportunity to use rap to voice their problems. And so, with the predictable frustrations of adolescents, even more complex issues take shape, such as the relationship with religion, with family education, with the other sex. And with an idea of ​​a family that has stood still for decades. The strength of the film is all in the energy of a beautiful group of very young actors and above all of actresses, who know how to convey that desire for change that instead a part of society tries to stifle. But in the end it seems capable of leaving behind a seed destined to grow.

July 16, 2021 (change July 16, 2021 | 07:17)

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