France lifts Apple veto over iPhone 12 radiation emissions after software update

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2023-09-29 19:10:09

Apple has received approval from the French authorities to distribute the iPhone 12 update that will reduce the levels of radio frequency waves that exceeded what was recommended and motivated its withdrawal from the market.

The analysis carried out takes into account the ctactile contact at a distance of 0mm (extremity contact) for the rate of radiofrequency energy absorbed by the human body when using these devices; and at a distance of 5mm from the body, with the mobile phone kept in a jacket pocket or in a bag.

Specifically, this organization warned that iPhone 12 exceeded the established limits in at least one of the two tests carried out. Thus, if the maximum limit for the extremities is 4 watts per kilogram (W/kg), the Apple device is at 5.74 W/kg. In the other analysis it does not violate the regulations, which establishes the limit at 2 W/kg.

¬ęThe tests confirm that this Software evolution allows this device to respect the value SAR limit located ‘member’ and, therefore, respect current regulations,” the ANFR states in a statement. With the update, the absorption rate for the extremities stands at 3.94 W/kg, below the limit of 4 W/kg.

After receiving approval, Apple can start distributing the update for the iPhone 12 (firmware 4.06.02.)limited for the moment to French territory.

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