France moved by Alisha, killed at the age of 15 by her classmates out of envy-

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PARIS – Alisha was 14, with two younger brothers and a sister. He lived with them and his parents in the Butte-des-Chataigniers neighborhood in Argenteuil, on the immediate outskirts of Paris. He attended a private professional high school, had good grades. His body full of bruises and wounds was found in the Seine. was killed by a friend of hers and her boyfriend, both of her classmates. Fifteen, they risk twenty years in prison for premeditated murder. The murder of Alisha is arousing great emotion in France, where in recent weeks the news of teenagers seriously injured or killed by peers has multiplied, often in the course of brawls between rival gangs. In this case the motive still uncertain, the companions speak of bullying and possible envy born because the little girl was doing well in school. In the history of the relationship between the three there are also some private photos of Alisha that were allegedly spread by her classmate, and which had led to disciplinary measures against him.

The girl and her killers met last September at the Cognacq-Jay high school in Argenteuil, coming from different institutes. He started with Alisha at first, then with her friend. But the two companions had maintained good relations, which annoyed the boy. The story precipitated when he stole a photo in her underwear from Alisha’s Snapchat profile, then spread to all classmates. The school immediately suspended the boy, and the principal summoned Alisha’s parents and invited them to go to the police. The mother actually went to the police station, but without filing a complaint. On March 1st, after returning from vacation, the two companions beat themselves up in the school toilets, because more photos of Alisha continued to circulate. The boy’s girlfriend was also suspended, and both were expected to appear before the school’s disciplinary council on Tuesday, March 9.

Ma Saturday, March 6, the friend asks Alisha to make peace. They meet at Argenteuil station and then go along the Seine, under the motorway bridge, where they have a habit of sitting and talking. This time, however, hidden behind a pylon, there is also the boy. Jump out and start hitting Alisha. The 14-year-old falls to the ground but continues to receive kicks in the back and head. Beaten up, unable to escape, she is thrown still alive into the river by the two companions. He first thinks about putting on his girlfriend’s gloves, so as not to leave footprints. The two boys then go to his house, and tell the boy’s mother that they had a fight with Alisha, who then fell into the Seine. No emotion, no panic or anything when they talk to his mother about him, DA Eric Corbaux will say later. They change off their bloodstained clothes and spend the evening in Paris, before going to a friend’s house in Argenteuil where they will be arrested around two in the morning.

The boy’s mother had gone to the crime scene, found bloodstains and she then went to the police, denouncing her son. Alisha is found in the river on Monday 8 March. She bears the marks of the beatings but the autopsy says she died of asphyxiation, drowned, therefore she was still alive when the two schoolmates threw her into the Seine. The boys are in the cell, the neighbors speak of a shy and unsociable boy, an insecure man influenced by his girlfriend, but according to the prosecutor Corbaux, one cannot speak of an ascendancy of one over the other or vice versa, they seem at first sight equally responsible. The victim’s mother knew about the bullying and had talked about it with the school, the director had intervened immediately suspending the boys, the police had been warned. Yet Alisha’s death was not averted.

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